Peritus is part of a group of companies that have delivered parking technologies to Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years.

In mid 2018, Cale Australia Pty Ltd (as it was then) wanted to be able to sell, support and service parking products and solutions beyond just what Cale Access AB was offering. We wanted to be able to work with sensors, enforcement solutions, cameras, wider area low powered IoT networks such as LoRa and Zigbee so that we could provide our customers with all-encompassing smart solutions integrating the best available technologies as opposed to just one brand and range of products. In July 2018 we therefore changed our name to Peritus Technology. Peritus is Latin for wise, knowledgeable and experienced.
Our focus is on delivering innovative parking solutions to the market. Peritus now works with many different parking technology suppliers and components including fixed and mobile Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, handheld enforcement solutions, permit application and pay by phone applications to focus on delivering reliable parking products. Importantly, we don’t just source and on-sell these components, we integrate them to work together effectively.
In the past our parking machine range has included being the distributor for the Cale suite of parking equipment and products. We now offer IEM and other parking technologies to meet the needs of today’s forward thinking organisations. Peritus assists with planning parking schemes and then installs, maintains and upgrades as necessary a large number of parking meters throughout Australia. We have for over 10 years designed and modified machine programs as required and as such, can easily modify terminal programming as required.

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